Friday, June 3, 2011

"Was that your stomach?"

We went hiking up by Scout Mountain today. I love hiking in the trees. It was still wet and muddy and we turned around once we were hiking in more snow than anything else. We took a side route to stop and have our picnic lunch...
Sitting on a tree stump getting our wraps out we hear a rumble. Chris looks up at me hopefully and asks "Was that your stomach?".
I say (with complete confidence and slightly mocking his imagination) "No, that was Harley." and then add on in my wittiness "or it was a bear over in those trees. " (gesturing behind us).
We continue to eat and shortly hear another rumble only this one lasted for an eternity (maybe 5 seconds) and it was definitely not Harley. You know the sound a house cat will make when it's angry but not quite hissing yet, the one that says "back off before I get really mad"? It was like that... only slower... and deeper... and louder... and a hundred thousand times more intimidating.
Needless to say we packed up our lunch immediately and left the area with no too few backward and sideward glances.
It is a really cool sound to hear when you are in a zoo and the mountain lion is in a cage, not as cool up close and personal.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spring hike

Chris and I picked out a hill to climb for our first to conquer for the summer. We want to work up to bigger and longer hikes, conquer mountains and all that :) We had a lot of fun Friday and it was a good start.

Friday, May 27, 2011


It's done! Next adventure please.
My whole family watched me walk and I did not trip or anything. One bachelors down. One masters to go. But I'm taking a year off between them and really looking forward to it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Finals Week

I'M GOING CRAZY!!!! I am going to survive this week... and even most likely get most of everything done that I need to. I have five finals (electronics, radiation detection, anlalysis of calculus, music, history) and one lab final and one senior lab presentation, all to complete this week. I also have to get my house ready for guests, still nanny, grade general physics exams... and all the normal things like groceries, laundry, errands,... *sigh* the list goes on and sleep gets pushed farther and farther down the list of priorities. Wish me luck... it's almost over.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's official.

On May 7th, 2011, I will officially be a college graduate. . . I have mixed feelings. I am decidedly excited and I do feel the sense of accomplishment for sure. I will finally have my B.S. in physics (and a minor in mathematics). That means something. I also have to admit to some embarrassment that this four year degree took me ten years to get *sheepish smile*. Ten years since I graduated highschool. Ten years of some repeated classes, never for a bad grade, always for bad attendance practices. Ten years of studying, kicking myself for not studying, loss of sleep, sleeping in too much, making friends, letting friends slip away, making big decisions, making bad decisions, growing, being, discovering... ten years of life... I am who I am because of what I have done (or not done). But, I like me just fine so I can't be too far off the fated track. I am so very blessed by a family that loves and supports me. Mom, Megan, Katie, Erin, and Dad will all be there to watch the (terribly boring) lifemarker event. I never really planned on going to the graduation but I know now that I wouldn't change the decision for anything. How long I took to get here, all the mistakes I've made, (all the money I owe them :p ), all the goings ons of their own lives... none of it matters. They will be there, proud of me, loving me. It's not a personal accomplishment, it's a gift I've been given. I am more proud to have that than the degree any day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some people are like slinkies

Some people are like slinkies. They are not good for much, but they make me laugh when I push them down the stairs. . . . . . . . I know it's a little bad... but it's very funny to me every time I read it :)